1mm cotton rope is the smallest unit of macrame cotton cord thickness that can be sold. Compared with other macrame crafts, 1mm cord is too thick and not suitable for any macramé wall hanging or macramé plant hanger projects . However, it’s very suitable as a material for the following macrame knitting crafts:

Macrame bracelet.

1mm cotton rope is suitable for macrame bracelet. You can use it to weave a simple bracelet with a nice macramé pattern for yourself, or weave some awesome macrame bracelets for your lover, parents, brothers, sisters, and BFF. Yes, it's a very good way to DIY a macrame friendship bracelet for your best friends or any important person in your life. Want to know more about patterns of macramé bracelet? Please see our tutorial collection of how to make a macrame bracelet.

The cotton cord has a lot of colors and it’s more skin-friendly than polyester. So using 1mm cotton cord for a macrame bracelet is an awesome solution. In addition to the cotton cord, you can also use a macrame nylon cord, macrame waxed cord, silk macrame cord, macrame hemp cord, and even bamboo macrame cord to weave different bracelets. For details, please see our "How to choose the right material to make your macrame bracelet project ?"

Macrame necklace.

It is a good choice to use 1mm cotton cord to knit a macrame necklace. As we all know most necklaces are made of metal, leather, or woven materials. To DIY a macrame necklace which is made of the cotton cord is special neck decoration now. You can macrame a base knot to hang your necklace pendant or design your favorite pattern to DIY a unique braided necklace. By learning the basic weaving knots and choosing different colors of cotton cord, you can find that weaving a macrame necklace is so fun and unique. Want to know more about macrame necklaces? Please see how to DIY your macrame necklaces.

Macrame earrings.

Yes, in addition to bracelets and necklaces, a 1mm macrame cotton cord is also a good material to knit earrings. Macrame earrings can be matched with bracelets and necklaces to become your unique jewelry set. We have some tutorial patterns and tools about macrame earrings for you to learn more about it.

Macrame ring.

You may notice that more and more people like macramé jewelry and the macrame ring is one of these fashion items. Apart from being decorative jewelry, it can also be a symbol of friendship or love. Give your lover or girlfriend a DIY macrame ring, wear it together as if to say: hey, this is my person!

We have collected some patterns and teaching materials for macrame rings. Come and make a unique ring for him/her.

Macrame hairband.

Unexpectedly, 1mm cotton rope can also be used to macrame hairbands. Matching a perfect macrame headband according to your own dressing style will make today's outfit more attractive. A macrame headband can be knitted by cotton rope, or it can be embellished with a macrame pattern on the headband. Besides, adding some unique shaped beads is also a good choice. Want to know more? This collection of braided headbands is definitely for you.

Macrame hairpin.

You can’t make a hairpin with a macrame cord alone. We also need some other accessories to match it to become a hairpin. It can be a wood clip or a metal clip. You need to make a macrame hairpin shape you need first, then we can use glue to fix it on the clip you like so that a beautifully braided hairpin is completed! View more information about macrame hair clips.

 Macrame dolls.

Some small macrame dolls can also be made with 1mm cotton rope. However, because of the thickness of the rope, we suggest that it is more suitable to make only a small doll. It does not require much cord and individual simple patterns, which can also be done together with your kids! We have collected some small dolls that can be made with a 1mm macrame cotton cord, which is suitable for parents and children to make together. Please see the knitting craft suitable for making with children.


Now you know how to use a 1mm cotton cord for your macrame crafts ? Tell us if you have any other good macrame projects which can use a 1mm cotton cord to make for. If you have any questions, you can leave a message, and we will reply to you asap.