Although 2mm macrame cotton cord is thicker than 1mm cotton rope, it is still a bit small if you use it to make many macrame crafts. So what macrame crafts can 2mm cotton rope be used to make? 

Macramé flowers & plants

Many people like to put some flowers or plants as home decoration, which can make the rooms look more vibrant and get close to nature. However real flowers and plants need to have good care. Not only just sunlight, but they also need daily pruning and deworming. This is a huge work for some lazy people. But the woven macrame flowers and plants are different. Not only they do not need to be taken care of, but they can always retain their shape and original color. Sounds great right? 

It is awesome to use 2mm macrame cotton rope to weave flowers and plants. We can use different green color cotton cords to make branches and leaves, and then choose the flowers we like to assemble them. We have collected more than 10 macrame flower and plant tutorials, you can start to DIY your macrame floral crafts now.

Macramé key chain

The cute key chain can also be woven. Whether it is a fruit or a simple feather shape, you can macrame whatever you like. Because the key-chain ornaments are generally small, it is better to use a 2mm cotton rope to macrame. Look at our macrame key-chain collection and DIY your macrame key chain craft.

Macramé book belt

Sometimes our notebooks or books are mixed with some papers or receipts, they are easily fall out if we do not keep them well. Now if you can use a macrame belt for them, you no need to worry about this kind of matter. Besides, a beautiful macrame book belt will become an awesome ornament, letting you feel more enjoyable when you work or study. See how to knit a practical and beautiful macrame book belt.

Macramé watch strap

Yes, the watch strap is not just for leather or webbing, we can also weave a macrame watchband which it only belongs to you. Moreover, different watch straps can be used as different outfit ornaments, which is also a very good fashion item. Before you start it, you should measure the length of your wrist at the beginning, and then choose your favorite color and macrame pattern to customize your woven watch strap. Check out kmacrame macrame watch strap tutorial.

Macramé wallet

Why don’t you use 2mm cotton rope to knit a simple wallet? Just some simple knots then a simple but beautiful macrame wallet will come. You can make a small macrame clam shell wallet to store your change or add a zipper & magnet as a finishing part of your wallet. Check out several popular woven wallet patterns and start to make it today.

We believe that you will have some ideas on how to use a 2mm cotton rope for your macramé projects. Enjoy it and have fun!