At the last posts we have talked about 1mm, 2mm, 3-5mm macrame cotton rope craft projects, now we will continue to share what macrame crafts can use a 6mm cotton cord. The 6mm cotton rope is relatively thick, so we can use it to knot some beautiful and practical home decorations. What are they? Let's take a look.

Macramé coaster

It is better to use a 6mm macrame rope for cup mats or table mats. 6mm macrame cord has a certain thickness, we don't need to worry about temperature or other factors to damage our table. Besides, with a 6mm cotton rope, you can complete a very practical coaster or table mat with a few simple knots. For example, this cup mat only takes 10 minutes to complete which is a good choice for you. If you are interested in other macrame coaster tutorials, please see our coaster macrame collection.

Macramé blanket

Macrame blankets generally have a large size. When choosing a 6mm cotton rope for knitting, you need to choose soft and skin-friendly ones to make your blanket more comfortable. Not just choosing cotton rope as material, we can also choose fabric rope and other materials to make a macrame blanket. We recommend this tutorial to learn how to weave a nice and practical blanket.

Macramé wedding curtain

The wedding is beautiful and unforgettable. Arranging a warm and romantic wedding scene will make the couple has many beautiful memories. So why not make a beautiful wedding curtain? When the bride and groom pass through your wonderful wedding curtain full of blessings and love, they must more able to feel your intentions and creativity for this wedding arrangement. See how to macrame a beautiful wedding curtain.

Macramé wall shelf

In addition to being practical (it can hold things), the wall shelf also has a good home decoration effect. Weaving a beautiful and practical wall shelf, using 6mm cotton rope is your best choice. It is strong enough to support a certain weight. After you make a perfect shelf, you don't need to worry about whether it can bear the weight. See some popular and practical wall-mounted shelf tutorials.

Macramé partition curtain

If you live in an apartment or share a room with others, a macrame curtain to separate different spaces will be a good solution for you. It can be used when you need and it can be stored when you don’t. It doesn’t take up space at all, and a variety of woven curtain designs will make the place you live more warm and modern. This is no substitute for a cold wall. Now how to weave several modern curtains.

What do you think about them? Leave a message to tell us your great craft ideas of how to use a 6mm macrame cotton rope.